Two Soles Footcare offers mobile nursing footcare services to all age groups.

When does footcare service make sense?

You may be pregnant, diabetic, an athlete, a child/adult/senior with underlying issues or someone who has a doctor referring you for ongoing footcare. Whether you have difficulty in bending or you cannot see clearly when cutting or needing to rely on someone else to help, Two Soles Footcare can assist in all these situations.

Any person at any age who needs care for their feet would benefit.

We also take a team approach and work with and provide referrals to other professionals for your complete footcare needs.

About Us

"Think of the magic of that foot, comparatively small, upon which your whole weight rests. It's a miracle, and the a celebration of that miracle."

Martha Washington

In more than twenty years of working in a multitude of nursing positions, I've come to realize the body part that takes the most toll and is the most neglected is our feet. Most of us ensure we see a doctor for check-ups and ailments. We will see a hairstylist to look after our locks, or make every effort to see a dentist for cleaning to keep our pearly whites healthy. Our feet have us travel through many experiences in life, yet we will tolerate many foot aches, pains and problems. Two Soles Footcare isn't just about providing the physical aspects of footcare. Our mission and the cornerstone to excellent foot care is to work with you to become engaged in education, teach you preventative maintenance, and develop a team of professionals to support you in the many journeys your feet will take you toward having healthy feet. Everyday.

Caroline Bogovic, R.N.
Foot Care Nurse
Owner and Operator


With 20 years in the health services field, our mission is to provide quality footcare services to clients and promote self-management footcare practices through education.


We aim to build a well-respected mobile footcare service, servicing all age groups.

Our Services

A (minimum) 30 minute session with an experienced foot care nurse (R.N.) is provided. Our session includes professional care such as:

  • Nursing health history
  • Assessment of feet and lower legs
  • Cutting, filing and reducing thick nails
  • Care of calluses, ingrown nails and corns
  • Moisturizing skin care of feet and lower legs
  • Ongoing assessments
  • Evaluation of treatments
  • Booking of follow-up visits

We aim to provide the best education when it comes to your feet! We discuss:

  • Changes and/or disease process of the feet and lower legs
  • Maintenance for healthy feet and lower legs
  • Appropriate footwear, including recommendations to members of extended footcare team (podiatrist, pedorthist, family physician, footwear vendors)
  • Foot health and provide information pamphlets and/or online articles related to feet and ongoing foot care

Please contact (204) 997-2520 for pricing.

Easy payment options! Interac e-Transfer, cash, cheque or we direct bill to Manitoba Blue Cross.


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Some of the most common foot problems are:

Fungal Nails

Tiny fungi can get inside your nail through a crack or break, causing an infection that can make nails thick, discolored, and brittle. The fungus, which thrives in warm, wet places, can spread to people who swim a lot or who have sweaty feet. An infection won't go away on its own, and it can be hard to treat. Creams you put on your nail may help mild cases. Antifungal pills or surgery to remove the nail offer the best chance of clearing up a severe infection.


This bony bump at the base of the big toe causes that toe to veer toward the others. It throws foot bones out of alignment and can be painful due to pressure or arthritis. It might also lead to corns. Pain relievers, pads to cushion the bunion, custom shoe inserts, or surgery may help. You could also wear roomy shoes and avoid high heels.

Calluses and Corns

Friction or pressure causes these thick, hard, dead areas of skin. Corns look cone-shaped and point into the skin, usually forming on pressure points from poorly fitted shoes or a bone spur. Calluses tend to spread out more and can appear anywhere something rubs on your skin. A doctor can correct with surgery or you can also wear patches with medication that may remove calluses.


Is a form of arthritis that causes sudden pain, redness, swelling and stiffness. It usually affects the large joint of the big toe, but it also can flare in the foot, ankle or knees. Gout comes from too much uric acid in your body, which can form needle-like crystals in joints. Attacks can last for days or weeks.

Plantar Wart

Tough growths that form on the soles of the feet. You get them when a virus enters your body through broken skin. They can spread through skin-to-skin contact or on surfaces in places like public pools and showers. The warts are harmless but in many cases, they are too painful to ignore. A variety of methods exist to remove them and surgery for more severe cases.

Athlete's Foot

This fungal infection can cause peeling, redness, itching, burning and sometimes blisters and sores. It is mildly contagious, spreading to others by direct contact or by walking barefoot in places such as locker rooms or near pools. The fungi then grow in shoes, especially tight ones without air flow.


When toe muscles around the joints get out of balance, they can cause painful problems. Hammertoe generally makes the second, third, or fourth toes bend downward at the middle joint. The condition sometimes runs in families. Other risks include tight footwear or an old injury to a toe. Well-fitted shoes with the right amount of space in the toe box, shoe supports (or surgery) may offer relief.

Ingrown Toenail

A toenail that has grown into the skin. The problem can cause pain, redness, swelling and infection. You can get them from cutting your nails too short or not straight across, injuring a toenail and wearing tight shoes.
Source: WebMD

Two Soles Footcare is a proud member of the Manitoba Association of Footcare Nurses, who are a group of nurses dedicated to understanding the foot and how it functions in relation to the rest of the body. Nurses use this knowledge to promote optimal health to ensure Manitobans remain active members of their communities.

End Homelessness Winnipeg: Neeginan Learning & Literacy Centre

Two Soles Footcare had the pleasure of participating in the first ever End Homelessness Winnipeg event held at Neegigan Center in May 2018.

With multiple vendors onsite (including Footcare Services), the aim was to bring a volunteer-driven, community-based initiative to Winnipeg to deliver essential and dignity-enhancing services to people who either are at risk or are experiencing homelessness.

What a pleasure it was to serve those in our community and it was such a huge success! We estimate that over 300 people in need walked through the doors to access multiple services and a wealth of information! We were very proud to have had the opportunity to give back.

What Our Clients Say

"I was so reluctant to have my feet looked at as I felt embarrassed but couldn't stand the pain I was experiencing any longer. Caroline was gentle and talked me through each step to make me feel comfortable. I am sorry I didn't do this sooner and look forward to every followup visit now!"


"The convenience of having Two Soles Footcare come into my home has made it easier for me and my retired husband to receive footcare without hassle."


"Highly recommend Two Soles Footcare. Caroline offered a wealth of information but more importantly, she truly cares about my feet!"

Healthy Feet. Everyday.